Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pisupo & Kapisi (Corned Beef & Cabbage)

Corned Beef & Cabbage Samoan-Style w/ white rice & a good sized dollop of Best Foods Mayo. Nutritionists eat your skinny hearts out!
This is Samoan soul food. When you're living away from the Motherland and fast food joints are the norm, there are some days when you just need to get down to basics again. Last night I made this for dinner. The kids both big & little scooped out their helpings hungrily and the pot was empty before I could even let it cool down!

One of my fondest memories as a child growing up in Samoa was eating pisupo & kapisi twice a week for dinner with 2 scoops of white rice & a fat dollop of Best Foods mayo. It was a meal that could be made quick & easy and could feel a medium sized army of Samoan souls male, female and fafa without breaking the wallet. Everyone (including the village kids who always managed to show up for dinner and disappear when it was time for the dishes-I'm looking at you children of the corned beef relatives) could be fed with this.

Word of warning: Do not eat this with any other kind of mayo. There is only one acceptable mayo and that's Best Foods. Anything else is not delicious!

(Side Note: I used Ox & Palm corned beef because it was the cheapest one I could find @ $3.19 per an 11oz can that also tastes good. But according to my dearly departed daddy - the best canned corned beef ever is CROWN, then Pacific and then but only if you're desperate - that mess they put in the oblongishly rectangle tin that doesn't taste or smell like corned beef to me but that's what the can says. You know which one I'm talking about. It rhymes with BIBBY.)

Basic Instructions: Crack open a can, cut up some kapisi, some onions, some garlic, heat up the pot, pour in some oil - fry the onions, garlic & pisupo first till the fatty goodness seeps out from the meat, turn the fire low, toss in all the cabbage, pour a good sized Samoan splash of shoyu and let it all cook down for about 20 minutes. Make sure the big pot of rice is cooking nicely too so that it all ends up cooked & ready to serve at the same time.

With Love & Corned Beef & Cabbage~


  1. Course I just had to read this at precisely 11:55am! smh.

  2. YUMMY!!!! 1:51 am i'm hungry!!!

  3. I remember eating this when i was younger but have yet to make it for my family. Thanks for the post for us Samoans who lack the Samoan dish cooking skills;)

  4. Not healthy at all, this corn beef is 2/3rds fat and very high in sodium... It's tasty though

  5. Healthy,ahh,stay active,eat what you like,Samoans naturally strong people.

  6. Hi, I remember having this dish with my family in Apia, but instead of rice we would eat it with thin-sliced taro. The best taro was the white taro cooked in the umu. Hmmm boy!


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