Monday, August 29, 2011

Katzu & Kookies

Big Cookies @ our Primary Pool party 8/27/11
One of  the most delicious people I know, happens to be my 8 year old son Katzu. 
Katz has a love for living & laughing that can only be described as DELICIOUS! He's one of those special souls who love to talk to people and who also continues to talk to people long after they've stopped asking him to politely shut up. He also love cookies. Bigger than your hand can stretch around them kind of cookies you see in the bakery display cases.

According to Katz, these big cookies can make owwee's stop hurting and cure the 'I don't know where my homework went' bout of amnesia we go through Monday to Thursday because everyone in the 3rd grade knows that cookies create miracles.
Katz & Cookie
Katz has a delicious outlook on life that I borrow from every now & again, when the moody blues take me hostage. He says,"Mommy, I love you. Let's go to the beach & eat a cookie."
Not bad for an eight year old, huh?

With Love & Kookies,


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