Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Girl

My Scribbles book/Address book/Phone Book/Recipe Book/Food Log/Bitchin' Book

This little fat book of 200 pages is almost always in my bag where ever I go no matter where life takes me. Like my New Balance Running Shoes that are always on post, my IPOD is always filled & charged and my camera is always charged & loaded, my note book is always on me. (Unless I've run out of the house with out my bag, my money or my clothes because the house is on fire.)

Over the year that I've had it, its morphed into a multi-purposed book filled with random thoughts, grocery lists,scribbles, doodles, plans, food logs, exercise goals, addresses, phone numbers, notes from my children and the never ending WHAT TO DO LISTS.

I thumbed through my notebook this morning looking for a blank page to write my delicious thoughts on. Flipping, flipping, flipping ~ my thumb stopped on pages filled with hangman games and notes my children had written when they should have been paying attention to the speakers in church. 

I came to another page with the recipe for Bacon Dip, that a woman on a bus ride had given me to try. (I still haven't gotten around to that one. Next week, I promise!)

I have prayers I prayed in there. I don't even remember why I wrote them down or what had happened to drive me to my note book so I could put in writing what I didn't want to forget.

"Dear Lord, Please help me to do the things You want me too with the grace & dignity & honor. In the name of thy son, Jesus Christ. Amen."

And fragments of thoughts I've thunk'd and not thought through.

"... I know ever single time you think of me. I know it. There are days and months that go by and nothing. Then out of the no where, there you are again."

Finally a stray clean page that had escaped the dangerous slashing marks of my pens pops into view but the thought I wanted to trap on paper had fled already. 

Only a few more blank pages are left in it.
It's time to buy a new book to fill with unexpected wonderful things.

The new little fat book should have a cover that says "Delicious Girl" because life is delicious even when its raining.

With love & Delicious Notes,

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