Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Girl

My Scribbles book/Address book/Phone Book/Recipe Book/Food Log/Bitchin' Book

This little fat book of 200 pages is almost always in my bag where ever I go no matter where life takes me. Like my New Balance Running Shoes that are always on post, my IPOD is always filled & charged and my camera is always charged & loaded, my note book is always on me. (Unless I've run out of the house with out my bag, my money or my clothes because the house is on fire.)

Over the year that I've had it, its morphed into a multi-purposed book filled with random thoughts, grocery lists,scribbles, doodles, plans, food logs, exercise goals, addresses, phone numbers, notes from my children and the never ending WHAT TO DO LISTS.

I thumbed through my notebook this morning looking for a blank page to write my delicious thoughts on. Flipping, flipping, flipping ~ my thumb stopped on pages filled with hangman games and notes my children had written when they should have been paying attention to the speakers in church. 

I came to another page with the recipe for Bacon Dip, that a woman on a bus ride had given me to try. (I still haven't gotten around to that one. Next week, I promise!)

I have prayers I prayed in there. I don't even remember why I wrote them down or what had happened to drive me to my note book so I could put in writing what I didn't want to forget.

"Dear Lord, Please help me to do the things You want me too with the grace & dignity & honor. In the name of thy son, Jesus Christ. Amen."

And fragments of thoughts I've thunk'd and not thought through.

"... I know ever single time you think of me. I know it. There are days and months that go by and nothing. Then out of the no where, there you are again."

Finally a stray clean page that had escaped the dangerous slashing marks of my pens pops into view but the thought I wanted to trap on paper had fled already. 

Only a few more blank pages are left in it.
It's time to buy a new book to fill with unexpected wonderful things.

The new little fat book should have a cover that says "Delicious Girl" because life is delicious even when its raining.

With love & Delicious Notes,

Surprises in the Mailbox

Our US Postal Mailbox key

One of Mother Hubbard's adamant holdovers from living in Samoa was insisting that we have a box at the local Postal Office. She didn't trust having mail delivered to our house. A locked box at the P.O. was the secured way to go. (As if we have millions of dollars we need to secure! Identity thievers you're welcome to steal my ID any day. With your luck, you'll make my credit score soar instead of sink!) 

Eleven years, three house moves later and we're still collecting our mail from the Post Office 2 villages and several miles away.

I'm the only one who ever checks our mail box. This is because a) I'm the only one will drive from our current home to check it (and to buy cheap cat food at Tamura's Hauula for my darling FatsieKakes) and b) I have the only remaining key. 

Additionally, if you're sending mail to my siblings who don't live here (and aren't nice to me) this is your notification that their mail is probably going to the trash. That's why they haven't paid your past due/final notification/we're taking your ass to court bill. Plus they really don't care to pay it either.

So I'm checking the P.O. Box and there are the usual various suspects jammed up in the tiny box... letters from Please Pay Your Bill Now, Your Account is Now Past Due and my favorite... We are referring your account to a collection agency.

I'm always so happy to hear from them. They are dedicated & committed letter writers. Every 30, 60 & 90 days promises to bring new vows of never ending devotion. If I died tomorrow - they would miss me terribly.

After all who else would they have to write to each month?

Just in case any one wants to write to me via snail mail
Nestled in between the love letters from collectors & junk mail is a small note card from someone in South Bend, ID.

It was an unexpected but very much needed boost of love from a friend far away. As I've grown older, I've marveled at the blessings of acquiring & maintaining & keeping good friends.

We never know the effect we have on another's life. We don't know what's going on underneath the surface. But we do know that we can help shoulder the burden and make it lighter.

As Mother Hubbard is fond of saying,"Many hands make quick and light work. So get in there and do something." I am off to the Post Office to do my something to make the work of living quicker & lighter for someone else. You'll know who you are when you also turn the key in your post office mailbox and somewhere squashed in between your own love letters from faithful stalkers is a small note card from somebody in Hawaii.

Thanks Jeri for doing the "something" and bringing the Delicious to my table!

With love & Good things in the mail box,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pisupo & Kapisi (Corned Beef & Cabbage)

Corned Beef & Cabbage Samoan-Style w/ white rice & a good sized dollop of Best Foods Mayo. Nutritionists eat your skinny hearts out!
This is Samoan soul food. When you're living away from the Motherland and fast food joints are the norm, there are some days when you just need to get down to basics again. Last night I made this for dinner. The kids both big & little scooped out their helpings hungrily and the pot was empty before I could even let it cool down!

One of my fondest memories as a child growing up in Samoa was eating pisupo & kapisi twice a week for dinner with 2 scoops of white rice & a fat dollop of Best Foods mayo. It was a meal that could be made quick & easy and could feel a medium sized army of Samoan souls male, female and fafa without breaking the wallet. Everyone (including the village kids who always managed to show up for dinner and disappear when it was time for the dishes-I'm looking at you children of the corned beef relatives) could be fed with this.

Word of warning: Do not eat this with any other kind of mayo. There is only one acceptable mayo and that's Best Foods. Anything else is not delicious!

(Side Note: I used Ox & Palm corned beef because it was the cheapest one I could find @ $3.19 per an 11oz can that also tastes good. But according to my dearly departed daddy - the best canned corned beef ever is CROWN, then Pacific and then but only if you're desperate - that mess they put in the oblongishly rectangle tin that doesn't taste or smell like corned beef to me but that's what the can says. You know which one I'm talking about. It rhymes with BIBBY.)

Basic Instructions: Crack open a can, cut up some kapisi, some onions, some garlic, heat up the pot, pour in some oil - fry the onions, garlic & pisupo first till the fatty goodness seeps out from the meat, turn the fire low, toss in all the cabbage, pour a good sized Samoan splash of shoyu and let it all cook down for about 20 minutes. Make sure the big pot of rice is cooking nicely too so that it all ends up cooked & ready to serve at the same time.

With Love & Corned Beef & Cabbage~

Monday, August 29, 2011

Katzu & Kookies

Big Cookies @ our Primary Pool party 8/27/11
One of  the most delicious people I know, happens to be my 8 year old son Katzu. 
Katz has a love for living & laughing that can only be described as DELICIOUS! He's one of those special souls who love to talk to people and who also continues to talk to people long after they've stopped asking him to politely shut up. He also love cookies. Bigger than your hand can stretch around them kind of cookies you see in the bakery display cases.

According to Katz, these big cookies can make owwee's stop hurting and cure the 'I don't know where my homework went' bout of amnesia we go through Monday to Thursday because everyone in the 3rd grade knows that cookies create miracles.
Katz & Cookie
Katz has a delicious outlook on life that I borrow from every now & again, when the moody blues take me hostage. He says,"Mommy, I love you. Let's go to the beach & eat a cookie."
Not bad for an eight year old, huh?

With Love & Kookies,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Welcome to 808Delicious!

Brownies & Cinnamon Rolls @ our picnic 8/27/11

Aloha! and Welcome to 808Delicious!

I'm glad you stopped by. Really I am. Other people might just say that to be polite. But not me.
You're here because you're supposed to be.

Isn't that just delicious?

808Delicious is my place for all the delicious things in my life. My delicious food, delicious family and especially my delicious friends. We have a fabulous blessed DELICIOUS life! Even when its raining, the bills are piling high and the money is running low ~ we are all of us exactly where we ought to be and it sure is delicious!

With that said, thanks for coming by!
Enjoy yourself & be delicious.
Love & Good Dishes,